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Gate Valve Keys w/ Removable Handle

water gate valve key

Water Gate Valve Keys are designed for use on 2" Operating Nuts and are made with a 1" solid steel rod, and have a 24" handle [except for 1' which has 20 " handle]

Now with removable handle for easier shipping and transporting. (Non removable still available on request.)

Keys over 8 foot made in two pieces with slip together coupler with 3/8" stainless steel bolt for shipment savings, unless otherwise requested.

30" handle available - add $3

Custom tool sizes are available for the Water Valve Keys, for lengths greater than 12 feet, add $5 per foot to the listed price.

VK-01 1 FOOT 9.26 $35.00
VK-02 2 FEET 11.93 $36.00
VK-03 3 FEET 14.60 $37.00
VK-04 4 FEET 17.27 $38.00
VK-05 5 FEET 19.94 $39.00
VK-06 6 FEET 22.61 $40.00
VK-07 7 FEET 25.28 $45.00
VK-08 8 FEET 27.95 $50.00
VK-09 9 FEET 30.62 $55.00
VK-10 10 FEET 33.29 $60.00
VK-11 11 FEET 35.96 $65.00
VK-12 12 FEET 38.83 $70.00

Optional additional Items (Please add Additional Item code  to above Order Number)

Item Item Code Description PRICE
S 4-Way swivel bottom socket. Please specify $25.00
H 1 1/2" pentagon fire hydrant wrench on handle $8.00
P Pentagon on handle to fit small meter lid bolt.  $5.00

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